Outsourced Sanitization Services make a lot of sense to Corporates and Business alike, for many reasons, and many Contractor Companies have added sanitization to their list of services, namely Restoration, Janitorial, Maid Service, and Mobile Cleaning Contractors.

If you are a Contractor and you are looking to associate your company with a national FOGGER brand alongside your local brand, then FOG BLASTER has all the answers to make it easy for you to add, and extend you service with greater efficiency, and with a lower operating cost.

Most of the sprayers on the market are ULV rated - however they both drench paperwork and electronics, as well as an overpowered fan unit blowing loose papers around the room.  Using FOG BLASTER, you will be able to offer a DRY FOG service, with a moderate jetstream that will not disturb papers.  Scientifically designed with Patent Pending TRIPLE ATTACK TECHNOLOGY, you will be using the only fogger designed in  2020 to neutralize (oxidize) viruses.

Using DOUBLE BLAST, you can sanitize the air space in large rooms like convention centers, theatres, auditoriums and meeting rooms with a 20FT wide blast zone, as you walk through the room.


As many of your customers may a) have Janitorial Staff or b) want a high frequency of Fogging Sanitizing, there is a spectacular opportunity to resell FOG BLASTER to your customers, before they buy some other solution elsewhere.  This may not remove all your service opportunity, as most businesses will focus on SURFACES, leaving you the possibility to add sanitizing of ‘air space’ after hours - for example, the hallways, restaurant and high ceiling lobby of Hotels.

As a FOG BLASTER Service Provider, we will support you with a commission on any sale to any of your customers, or prospects.


For Sanitizing as a Service:

FOG BLASTER PRO KIT is a ‘Business in a Box’  - all the meters to prove your service, the stationery to give you a global ‘brand’ to add to your local brand, and of course, a complete FOG BLASTER kit to provide the service.

For Sanitizing SMALL Space Areas

FOG BLASTER BASIC KIT - if you don’t need the Business in a Box, you can just buy FOG BLASTER BASIC SERVICE KIT for airborne and surface sanitization.

For Sanitizing LARGE Space Areas

For sanitizing large space areas: FOG BLASTER DOUBLE BLAST KIT - this kit facilitates you to run two FOG BLASTERS at the same time, giving 20FT wide passes for airborne sanitization, and two FOG BLASTER separately for sanitizing surfaces.