We started from a 2 bedroom apartment / condo in 2011. We have built an amazing global business with the REACH-iT range of Window Cleaning tools that have helped window cleaners globally to clean windows FASTER, BETTER, SAFER. 10 x faster than traditional window cleaning, 4 x faster than any other water fed system - it’s all about the SCIENCE ! We developed a TOOL with a TECHNIQUE - because it is your technique that determines your speed, which determines your hourly rate.

And so, here we are again - recognising that little science has been applied to the DISINFECTION FOGGING industry due to the suddenness of this pandemic. We took the longer time to study the science, and now, we release for your FASTER, BETTER, SAFER fogging, a kit that is scientifically sound, biologically safe and more efficient on chemicals - we present the full ‘BUSINESS IN A BOX’ along with an opportunity to be part of a network community and, most importantly, we give you FOG BLASTER PRO™ with THE FOG BLASTER™ TECHNIQUE - to deliver a greater coverage with less chemicals, AND the safest disinfectant on the planet - the one your own body makes when infected - HYPOCHLOROUS ACID through our partnership with NIXALL® in Missouri, USA.

We welcome you to explore LEARN and STORE, and ask questions on LiveChat - leave your email in case we can’t get back to you - and you will receive our reply by email.

Thank you for reading - we have so much more to share about being a family owned business with a manufacturer direct direction… but this is enough for now.

Perry and Harrison Tait